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One of the major problems of mankind - the quality of memory decline with age. Out of 100% of people surviving to 70 years sober mind retains only 5%. Scares But it is a scientifically proven fact, and we have nothing left to do, how to be measured with this. Tablets of old age still has not been invented. You really think so sad Not at all. Memory can and should be maintained in good shape until the last day of life. There are lots of techniques aimed at the development and memory training. Users are able to memorize foreign words, 500 per day, five-year study program of the University for one course. And this is not fiction. The question is, you need a phenomenal memory, you can keep in mind the phone numbers of all his many friends, or you just want to be of sound mind in old age Based on your preferences and should choose a simulator for the memory. And if you are pursuing a second goal - then you simply read a book. It does not matter which, reading any positive effect both on the memory in particular, and the brain activity in general. Read books that you like and have fun with the process. And memory training - this is a side, but very positive effect on reading.

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